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Top 10 Event Sites in Chicago -Connected to The Chicago Tribune, Red Eye, and has the top Google Search Results in the category. -Their niche is local sports leagues & taking pictures in bars to connect with people on facebook through tagging photos. -This site is entirely user generated. -Set up as a social network that allows venues to connect with people like friends do on facebook.

Free things to do in chicago – This is basically a daily deals type site, but more innovative because it only displays free events in Chicago. – This looks like a daily deal site, but it is actually based off of collective action. If enough people agree to patronize a vendor all at once on a particular day, then the vendor offers a deal they would not offer otherwise. -This is a full calendar and database focused on categorizing and reporting on neighborhoods in Chicago. – Just a general Calendar for the city set up through a search engine, but no niche. -This seems to be meant for tourists. – A Things To Do site for kids in Chicago.


Advertiser pays women to break husbands TV

This is a really good example of a completely new media focused ad campaign with a number of integrated elements. I just wonder what the women thought the following week when their husbands started watching more TV than ever.

What would it take to elevate a brand like NASA?

Yes, NASA has a facebook page, but all they really do with it is show off pictures of Jupiter and Uranus. Youtuber damwse’s video recognized the massive underutilized potential of a brand like NASA in social media. Instead of showing us pictures of clouds on Mars, they could easily use their international fame to spark major discussions or even crowdsource solutions to some of man’s biggest conflicts.

Funny how it only took a few creative internet geeks to start something a million brilliant scientists at NASA couldn’t think up. Maybe you are severely underestimating us NASA. It’s time to talk.

Spanair flies on Christmas & delivers presents too

For the 190 passengers who took a 21 hour flight on SpanAir this Christmas, a special present was waiting on the luggage belt. A clever thank you for their valued customers.

Crashvertising- Advertisers paying for accidents

Kook Artgency created this new media opportunity where brands can exploit car crashes through early response teams. We’re not sure what to think about this one. What do you think? Next viral sensation or opportunist BS? What brnads would even work for this?

Cold enough for ya?

Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change every now and then, 9 out of 10 people wouldn’t know how to start a conversation.

There are some pretty cool mashups out there, but this twitter geolocator mashup that tells you where people are talking about snow has to be the coolest. Alright that’s enough puns for now.

Snow & Ice are the hottest new mediums in advertising

Nokia is working on a way to create touchscreens out of ice walls. This could mean some sweet new experiential campaigns from ice cream shops and bars in the wintertime. We already have bars made of ice from brands like Absolut Vodka, so maybe this is the next step. The only trouble is that you can’t stay in those places for more than 45 minutes. Here’s a picture of me from last time I was in the London ice bar from Absolut.

Speaking of London, here’s another cool trick we learned about from our newest international friends over at Curb Media.