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Tweets as currency has created the first social payment system. Could be the media buyer’s answer to social media, combining word of mouth with paid advertising under the guise of e-commerce. This will surely either revolutionize trade online or get cut down quickly by haters calling it a sell-out network.

Nothing will ever beat organic brand love, but it’s nice to see that people who can’t make friends on social networks will still be able to buy them.


What have you invented today?

We were too late to get tickets to TEDx Windy City, but we already found a great innovative Chicago company that will be highlighted in the conference. Inventables supplies companies with an unending resource of interesting products to help promote creativity and create the next big consumer sensation. My favorite was the durable velvet coating. I could make my entire apartment a giant velvet rope. I’m sure that would never get old….yeah. Well, maybe you could come up with something more inventive. Give it a try and let me know what you come up with.

Cardboard Tube Battle in Chicago!

This Friday at 6pm 2,000 cardboard tubes need to be destroyed in Chicago. We’re not sure how this group has gathered so many cardboard tubes though. Maybe they burgled a gift wrapping shop in the mall. How ever they got them, whacking a bunch of strangers for no reason until we run out of weapons sounds like a great way to kick off a Friday night.

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Source: @Dave Michalak

More Flashmobbery at the Air & Water Show

Second Annual Water Wars organized by Advertising Anonymous.
What did they do without us for the first 50 years?
Our fierce generals rallied the troops with a solid Braveheart speech.
Scouting the battlefield and moving into position!
A little smack talk to get it started.
Epic Battle.
The Generals meet on the battle field for a clash of the titans.
They brought reinforcements?
Dramatic death scenes from the ladies in green.
I guess War Paint does make a difference.
The Purple & Blue Army was victorious.

For more pictures from the battle and information about joining in the fight next year, join our new facebook group. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was definitely awesome. And definitely a total blast.

Crowdsourcing Art

Maria Scileppi is a local Chicago artist/ad school director. After seeing the lines in the salt flats and other designs left by ancient people, Maria created her own digital version. GPS tracking usually reminds me of Big Brother type control, but thanks to Maria the control is back in the people’s hands. Or….maybe she’s just really lazy/clever, and has tricked us all into doing her art project for her. Either way, well done, Maria.


Fire your media buying agency

At the beginning of the year, Pepsi launched their refresh project, where they gave money away to anyone with a good idea and loads of social media friends. Now it seems like everyone is getting in on the act.

Free money combined with competition is always brilliant, but I wish there was a website that just tracked and reported start dates of campaigns like this. Hey Google, want to dominate another sector of the ad business?

Remember what you did last weekend? Google remembers.

Remember when you had to call 20 of your friends, apologize for puking on that guy, and go to 5 bars to find your phone from your crazy night last night? Pepperidge Farm I mean Google Latitude remembers for you. It’s a cool new feature Google just rolled out that would be great for concerts, promotions, and road trips.