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Not Quite Free Water

Activate is giving out free bottles of their vitamin water, but only if you earn it. The brand set up a vending machine in Los Angeles that has a stationary bike attached. If you pedal for 30 seconds, you’re rewarded with a bottle at no cost. Also, the cash value of every bottle given away is donated for a cause that supports proper nutrition for pregnant women. Seems like a pretty smart way to convince someone to exercise, if only for half a minute.

Source: Springwise


An Authentic NYC Tour

If you’ve never walked the streets of New York City, you probably have no idea what you’re missing out on. Thankfully, you can now live out this experience virtually. MyBlockNYC is a site that allows you to watch user submitted videos from streets all over the city. The site displays a large map of the city, and all you have to do is click on a street for which someone has made a video. That shouldn’t be too hard since close to 1,000 videos have already been submitted. There is also a useful search feature that lets you choose the age and gender of the user, as well as the category and location of the video. Whether you’re into Kid Rock concerts, grown men riding little girls’ bikes, or traffic cops getting yelled at, you’ll probably find something to enjoy here.

Source: The Huffington Post

Animated Tattoos

Some of you may already be sick of seeing QR codes on ads and posters. What if they were tattooed on someone’s chest? Ballantine’s, a whiskey brand, decided to give this idea a try. A tattoo artist in Paris carefully crafted a QR code into the right pec of a willing participant. After scanning the code with a smartphone and placing the phone on the man’s chest, the tattoo becomes animated and begins to sing. The tattooing process was shown live through Facebook, and viewers were able to give suggestions on how the tattoo could be improved.

Source: Adweek

Watch Your Favorite Movies on Location

Film fanatics may soon have new way to watch their favorite movies. Augmented Reality Cinema is an app that would allow you to view movie scenes that were shot exactly where you are standing. Once you find a valid location, you simply hold up your smartphone and watch the scene that was filmed there take place. The app may still be in the production phase, but I’m already staking out my spot at the Art Institute to hang out with Ferris.

Source: Adverblog

Bringing the Store to You

Grocery shopping just became a whole lot easier in South Korea. Using their smartphones, commuters can shop while they wait for the subway. Home plus, a leading Korean grocer, has transformed subway platforms into virtual supermarket aisles. Shoppers only need to scan the products they desire and the items will be delivered to their homes later that day.


Risk in the Real World

Risk has made its way to New York City. World of FourCraft, a digital game based off of the classic board game, uses a combination of Foursquare and Google Maps to turn the entire city into a playing field. Users choose which of the city’s five boroughs they want to represent. Each check-in increases the team’s chances of winning that particular spot. The site keeps an up-to-date map of the game’s current status. We can only hope citywide Twister is next.

Advertiser pays women to break husbands TV

This is a really good example of a completely new media focused ad campaign with a number of integrated elements. I just wonder what the women thought the following week when their husbands started watching more TV than ever.