The Positive Side of Lighting Someone on Fire

What do you think of when you see someone lighting himself on fire? If you said donating to charities, you are somehow correct.

Rocky Taylor is a professional stuntman who is now doing work for the group Remember a Charity. This group’s goal is to get people to leave money to charities in their will. Rocky will be lighting himself on fire as a reminder that life can end at any time, and it’s important to keep an updated will that donates to your favorite charities. Users can even vote on Facebook for what way Rocky goes up in flames.

Source: Rememberacharity


Animated Tattoos

Some of you may already be sick of seeing QR codes on ads and posters. What if they were tattooed on someone’s chest? Ballantine’s, a whiskey brand, decided to give this idea a try. A tattoo artist in Paris carefully crafted a QR code into the right pec of a willing participant. After scanning the code with a smartphone and placing the phone on the man’s chest, the tattoo becomes animated and begins to sing. The tattooing process was shown live through Facebook, and viewers were able to give suggestions on how the tattoo could be improved.

Source: Adweek

Watch Your Favorite Movies on Location

Film fanatics may soon have new way to watch their favorite movies. Augmented Reality Cinema is an app that would allow you to view movie scenes that were shot exactly where you are standing. Once you find a valid location, you simply hold up your smartphone and watch the scene that was filmed there take place. The app may still be in the production phase, but I’m already staking out my spot at the Art Institute to hang out with Ferris.

Source: Adverblog

Bringing the Store to You

Grocery shopping just became a whole lot easier in South Korea. Using their smartphones, commuters can shop while they wait for the subway. Home plus, a leading Korean grocer, has transformed subway platforms into virtual supermarket aisles. Shoppers only need to scan the products they desire and the items will be delivered to their homes later that day.


Risk in the Real World

Risk has made its way to New York City. World of FourCraft, a digital game based off of the classic board game, uses a combination of Foursquare and Google Maps to turn the entire city into a playing field. Users choose which of the city’s five boroughs they want to represent. Each check-in increases the team’s chances of winning that particular spot. The site keeps an up-to-date map of the game’s current status. We can only hope citywide Twister is next.

Top 10 Event Sites in Chicago -Connected to The Chicago Tribune, Red Eye, and has the top Google Search Results in the category. -Their niche is local sports leagues & taking pictures in bars to connect with people on facebook through tagging photos. -This site is entirely user generated. -Set up as a social network that allows venues to connect with people like friends do on facebook.

Free things to do in chicago – This is basically a daily deals type site, but more innovative because it only displays free events in Chicago. – This looks like a daily deal site, but it is actually based off of collective action. If enough people agree to patronize a vendor all at once on a particular day, then the vendor offers a deal they would not offer otherwise. -This is a full calendar and database focused on categorizing and reporting on neighborhoods in Chicago. – Just a general Calendar for the city set up through a search engine, but no niche. -This seems to be meant for tourists. – A Things To Do site for kids in Chicago.

Advertiser pays women to break husbands TV

This is a really good example of a completely new media focused ad campaign with a number of integrated elements. I just wonder what the women thought the following week when their husbands started watching more TV than ever.