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Garage Door Advertising Can Open New Possibilities

Cool Ambient Ads don’t just have to be in the city. We have a lot of clients that want to target Suburb type areas, but don’t have a real good way to get noticed in such a monotonous atmosphere. Enter Garage Doorvertising. If you use the rules of ambient marketing, these ads will blend right in while getting majorly noticed. “Oh hi, Google Street View Guys”

But don’t stop there. They can also be like a status update much like the sweet ads we posted on our site from Dubai.

On the South Side of Chicago people spend a lot of time sitting in their garages, watching the world drive by. I wonder if my Dad would have spent so much time revamping his garage if he knew he could have just stuck a sweet decal on the door and sat out in front of his fighter jet all day. Well at least I have his birthday present all figured out.

Source: networkedblogs.com/2yNKu