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Not Quite Free Water

Activate is giving out free bottles of their vitamin water, but only if you earn it. The brand set up a vending machine in Los Angeles that has a stationary bike attached. If you pedal for 30 seconds, you’re rewarded with a bottle at no cost. Also, the cash value of every bottle given away is donated for a cause that supports proper nutrition for pregnant women. Seems like a pretty smart way to convince someone to exercise, if only for half a minute.

Source: Springwise


Free Money from McDonald’s

To promote their Dollar Drink Days in Alberta, McDonald’s created an ice sculpture filled with 4,000 one-dollar coins. People were encouraged to break off pieces of the sculpture in order to get at the prizes inside. The message “Cool off with a $1 drink” appeared below the ice, reminding everyone the best way to spend their newfound money. Or they could spend it literally anywhere else. But for the sake of the advertising world, let’s hope they all went to their nearest McDonald’s.

Source: Trend Hunter

The Taxi That Tells You Where to Go

Just as New Yorkers secretly hope every taxi they enter is the Cash Cab, Londoners can now hope they are stepping into the LivingSocial Taxi. When you get into this taxi, you are given the choice of continuing to your scheduled stop, or rolling a virtual die that randomly gives you an activity to enjoy. Whether it be fish pedicures, chess boxing, or speedboat riding, passengers can take part in these experiences with huge discounts. You don’t actually have the ride the cab to get the discounts, but it certainly makes it a lot more exciting.

Source: Adverblog

Australian Honesty

National Australia Bank, or NAB, believes that Australians are very honest people, and as such, they deserve an honest credit card. To support this notion, they held a series of experiments designed to test citizens’ integrity. These experiments involved lost wallets, dropped money, and too much change from a coffee cart. The results, which are posted on YouTube, were very surprising, as almost every person did the right thing without knowing they were on camera. NAB tried to make doing the right thing even harder by having the fake victims seem arrogant and rude, but the majority of people still displayed great character. Well done Australia.

Watch the other videos here and here.

Source: AdNews

Torturing Alcoholics in India

Indus Pride has placed ambient marketing like this in airport shuttle buses to promote there non-alcoholic beer. That’s right. The beer isn’t even alcoholic. As if riding in an airport shuttle isn’t annoying enough, now they will be packed with camera ready tourists all posing for this photo opp. After a ride like that, I would definitely need a drink too. Just make sure it’s not Indus Pride if you want to get drunk enough to forget the experience.

Source: Adsoftheworld.com

Playground Technology used in German subway

Finally VolksWagen has combined my love for toys with my hatred for stairs with their new Fast Lane.

Germany isn’t the only one getting in on the fun. Google has had slides in their office for years, and now Singapore Air has made duty free shops even better with a four storey slide.

Source: Springwise.com

Maybe Barrack Obama has fun we can believe in

We have reported on these separately, but here they are together. Volkswagen has created thefuntheory: This site is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.