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Watch Your Favorite Movies on Location

Film fanatics may soon have new way to watch their favorite movies. Augmented Reality Cinema is an app that would allow you to view movie scenes that were shot exactly where you are standing. Once you find a valid location, you simply hold up your smartphone and watch the scene that was filmed there take place. The app may still be in the production phase, but I’m already staking out my spot at the Art Institute to hang out with Ferris.

Source: Adverblog


Retail is dead

While touchscreens and augmented reality applications haven’t quite broken into the mainstream yet, they are also not exactly new.

window shopping
Ralph Lauren introduced interactive window shopping outside his flagship store in London last year so consumers could shop 24/7. This is an obvious step for the fashion industry, but think of what this could mean if other industries tried it on. Great clips haircut previews? Photoshop home improvement? Test driving cars through Grand Theft Auto? Maybe we’re getting carried away. But innovation potential is definitely there, and we love that.

For more on Augmented Reality check out our Belgian friends on Blip.tv. Don’t mind the accents. They are actually really intelligent dudes.
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Augmented Reality

iPhones still can’t drive your car for you, but thanks to RFID Tags they can identify just about anything you can find.

iPhone RFID: object-based media from timo on Vimeo.

RFID Tags allow iPhones to turn everyday objects into media channels. This is still evolving, but this technology extends far beyond toys. Imagine being in a bar and watching all your favorite budweiser ads just by ordering one. Augmented Reality is growing, but don’t worry, google streets and youtube haven’t jumped on this yet.

iPhone RFID. Click Here.

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