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Innovators wanted for merging NPOs with social media

SocialVibe is a new site helping people support their favorite charity by getting sponsored by key brands. Brilliant concept, but still in beta. Reminds me of carrotmobbing, which was using the fact that businesses will do anything to accomplish their objectives, like marketing. Definitely still room for more innovators, but SocialVibe shows us the power of brands connecting with consumers for a good cause.


Flashmobs will save our economy?

A few clever lads from San Fran decided to make all this flashmobbery work for them.  In a town known for its hippie creativity, we should have expected something like this would pop up eventually.  They call it, “Carrot Mobbing”

Now all we need is to take this to wall street.  Whatever stock that promises to supply the most jobs, we’ll have a network of traders buy it for the day.  Hey Obama, why didn’t you think of this?

But seriously, carrotmobbing does seem like a clever way to push businesses into the green lifestyle we need.  We hope it catches on.