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Not Quite Free Water

Activate is giving out free bottles of their vitamin water, but only if you earn it. The brand set up a vending machine in Los Angeles that has a stationary bike attached. If you pedal for 30 seconds, you’re rewarded with a bottle at no cost. Also, the cash value of every bottle given away is donated for a cause that supports proper nutrition for pregnant women. Seems like a pretty smart way to convince someone to exercise, if only for half a minute.

Source: Springwise


The Positive Side of Lighting Someone on Fire

What do you think of when you see someone lighting himself on fire? If you said donating to charities, you are somehow correct.

Rocky Taylor is a professional stuntman who is now doing work for the group Remember a Charity. This group’s goal is to get people to leave money to charities in their will. Rocky will be lighting himself on fire as a reminder that life can end at any time, and it’s important to keep an updated will that donates to your favorite charities. Users can even vote on Facebook for what way Rocky goes up in flames.

Source: Rememberacharity