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What have you invented today?

We were too late to get tickets to TEDx Windy City, but we already found a great innovative Chicago company that will be highlighted in the conference. Inventables supplies companies with an unending resource of interesting products to help promote creativity and create the next big consumer sensation. My favorite was the durable velvet coating. I could make my entire apartment a giant velvet rope. I’m sure that would never get old….yeah. Well, maybe you could come up with something more inventive. Give it a try and let me know what you come up with.


Chicago has become a cheap date

Finally something free in Chicago that didn’t “fall off a truck.” Even though we haven’t had a good hair day in a few decades, we still know how to have a good time without breaking our bank. Take that, “Forbes Most Miserable City to Live In List.”

Source: chicagofree.info

Chicago as a global hub of change and innovation


A brilliant organization is planning to take the world by storm when they put Chicago on the map as a Globally recognized innovator. Chicago Convergence brings marketing and creative professionals together through an online social network on Ning.  Spearheaded by John Patterson this group is on all the big social networks letting us know about the best marketing events and ideas going on in Chicago.

It’s like AAF or AMA without the hoards of freeloading idealess hacks.  This group is devoted to change and innovation.  The next big event they’ll be hitting up is the HD Expo at Navy Pier.  We’ll be there.  Drinking before noon’s okay as long as it’s in a glass, right?