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Innovators wanted for merging NPOs with social media

SocialVibe is a new site helping people support their favorite charity by getting sponsored by key brands. Brilliant concept, but still in beta. Reminds me of carrotmobbing, which was using the fact that businesses will do anything to accomplish their objectives, like marketing. Definitely still room for more innovators, but SocialVibe shows us the power of brands connecting with consumers for a good cause.


Pepsi Saves the World with Old T-Shirts

The Pepsi Refresh Project project allows Pepsi to give back to fresh thinkers in the community by giving them free money for their ideas. Pepsi will be awarding grants from $5,000 up to $250,000 make these dreams a reality. As a fellow fan of free money and great ideas, we love this. Our favorite idea for this month goes to Nancy Nelson for the recycling old t-shirts into reusable shopping bags. Brilliant! That way using a reusable bag at the grocery store would go from dragging in these ugly green totes that look like your mom bought at a flee market into a cool new fashion statement. With a little ipod/vintage style marketing to make it a status symbol and not just something you’ll get beat up for at recess, we could be looking at the next big trend. Hey Pepsi! Pick this one! Next month we’ll be entering our own idea so get ready for the awesomeness and to shamelessly promote the hell to out of it with us.

source: refresheverything.com

Coupon Clippers Unite

Learn How Groupon Works! from The Point on Vimeo.

The next evolution of thepoint.com has brought us group discount rates for anything you want in your city. Groupon.com offers daily deals for fun stuff in your city as long as you get enough people in on the deal. Crowdsourcing is carving a bold new way through this down economy. Who wants to get together for a discount on pints of Guinness?

source: groupon.com

Park(ing) Day 2009


On September 18th cities around the world took part in Park(ing) Day. A collaborative Art Installation taking over city parking spaces with greenery and little bits of paradise in these steel jungles. Unfortunately we missed this celebration of innovation, but you can bet we won’t be missing out next year.

Source: parkingday.org, parkingday.ning.com

Facebook believes in you

facebook 1
facebook 2
Facebook’s new non-profit section let’s you organize an official online petition. This is great. Now if we could just get that girl on Michigan Ave asking me if I want to save a Polar with her everyday to get into this we could stop the charade. She always looks so sad when I tell her that the task is just far too big for the too of us to take on, and besides Polar Bears are dangerous. Once we capture one, who will save us? She must have abandonment issues.

Solar Bike-a-thon at Grant Park


An organization called climate cyle is hosting a bike-a-thon in Grant Park on Saturday, May 9th, 2009 to raise money for solar panels on public schools.  Sounds like a great way to enjoy the sun on a few levels.