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Scratch and sniff billboard pops up in switzerland

The car-free town of Braunwald in Switzerland plans on boosting tourism by using a bubble wrap billboard to show people how clean the air is up there. Hopefully their buses are more on time than ours otherwise the first pop happy guy who walks by might use up all the air before anyone else gets a chance. Still a very fun and creative idea.

source: http://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/prints/braunwald-tourism-mountain-degustation-in-the-city-356861/


Billboards that save lives

raft billboard

A mobile phone provider in India just strapped this raft to their billboard with a line saying, “cut this down in case of flood.” And get this. When it flooded, people cut the rope.

New cellphone technologies are really making things more and more convenient. Monsoon avoidance. There’s an app for that.

Paparazzi Billboard

camera billboard

To promote the new Nikon camera this billboard uses motion sensors to set off the flash of the cameras when people walk by. Definitely gets attention, but I wonder if they have a cool follow up where you could see you photo in a scandalous magazine. “Are the rumors true?”

Innovative Art Saves Low Income Area

Street Artist JR has covered the rooftops of a slum in Kenya with waterproof tarps featuring the faces of women in the slum. He doesn’t stop there. He’s also covered the trains that pass by, so for a moment the faces line up to see the complete portraits. These tarps are 2,000 square meters, and are supposed to be able to be seen by Google Earth. This artist is definitely leaving an impact on the world with amazing images and a positive impact on a part of the world that could use it. Check out more of his art at jr-art.net