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Architects make the best designers

water bridges

This is just one of the bridges toxel design blog recently posted. Creativity is everywhere, but the question is always how long will it last. These are the best big ideas I’ve seen this week.


1 Lawn Chair, Loads of Balloons, and a Shotgun

What happens to balloons when they float up into the sky?
This guy found out by strapping a bunch of them to his lawn chair.

A beautiful display of peace and hope.

A sunny day and a few balloons can solve the energy crisis.http://www.inhabitat.com/2008/04/10/sunhope-solar-balloons/

Pink Flamingo is a Parisian pizzeria with a novel form of delivery. Already known for their unique pizza names and toppings, Pink Flamingo now gives out pink, helium-filled balloons with each order. No, it’s not just a have-a-nice-day gesture. The balloons help the delivery person to find the drop-off point. People who order a pizza can have it delivered to the location of their choice. Clever.


You can stumbleupon some interesting experiments on the web

Tween Bots are a sociological experiment to see if New Yorkers would help a little robot get where he wants to go.

The site tells you all about the reactions people had to the very small and very simple robot friends that just wanted a little help with directions to get to the destination displayed on their white flag. It’s always great when you hear about positive results for cool experiments like this. The marketing possibilities are huge. Too bad, Wall-E. You missed out.

Tweenbots. Click Here.

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Innovative Art Saves Low Income Area

Street Artist JR has covered the rooftops of a slum in Kenya with waterproof tarps featuring the faces of women in the slum. He doesn’t stop there. He’s also covered the trains that pass by, so for a moment the faces line up to see the complete portraits. These tarps are 2,000 square meters, and are supposed to be able to be seen by Google Earth. This artist is definitely leaving an impact on the world with amazing images and a positive impact on a part of the world that could use it. Check out more of his art at jr-art.net

Innovation Invasion in England

Stuart Semple has started making his own clouds to brighten people’s day.

Warner Brothers are planning to release a bunch of cats in downtown London to promote their new video game, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

A bunch of Welsh Students are planning to hold their own silent rave today in Cardiff. They’ll all show up flashmob style and start dance with ipods until the fuzz comes to bust up the fun. Good luck guys. Yet another brilliant idea organized by facebook. the facebook group

And the final innovation of the day is a great way to go green. A small town in England has created a Garbage powered garbage truck