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Chalk Blog for Chicago

A Chicago Blog called Chicago Now is breaking onto the scene by polling Chicagoans on their new “chalk blog” with provocative questions like “What would you do to improve the CTA?” and “What will the olympics do for this city?” We love this idea. This is one of those that we kick ourselves for not thinking of first.

source: adsoftheworld.com


Billboards that save lives

raft billboard

A mobile phone provider in India just strapped this raft to their billboard with a line saying, “cut this down in case of flood.” And get this. When it flooded, people cut the rope.

New cellphone technologies are really making things more and more convenient. Monsoon avoidance. There’s an app for that.

Retail is dead

While touchscreens and augmented reality applications haven’t quite broken into the mainstream yet, they are also not exactly new.

window shopping
Ralph Lauren introduced interactive window shopping outside his flagship store in London last year so consumers could shop 24/7. This is an obvious step for the fashion industry, but think of what this could mean if other industries tried it on. Great clips haircut previews? Photoshop home improvement? Test driving cars through Grand Theft Auto? Maybe we’re getting carried away. But innovation potential is definitely there, and we love that.

For more on Augmented Reality check out our Belgian friends on Blip.tv. Don’t mind the accents. They are actually really intelligent dudes.
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A new meaning to “How are you?”


We Feel Fine shows you how everyone on social media and blogs is feeling at any given time. For any given emotion you can see the major gender, location, and weather of the authors. This blows twitter out of the water as a customer service opportunity. This could even be used as a rating system of national events. The possibilities are endless.

Finally a B2B promo that works!

Ever since we incorporated, B2B direct mails have been pouring into our office. Most of these have been crappy postcards for worthless products. Today we got a package that included a branded pen and bubble wrap.


Finally a company who gets us! No matter how humble you are, everyone loves seeing their name on stuff. And bubble wrap? They obviously have our A.D.D. demographic nailed. We don’t really need pens, but if we can find a way to use something like this, they’ve got our business.

You don’t have to wait ’til next year to go to Arizona

s66701633_31163517_17535651Now that baseball season kicked off this week, I wonder how the Arizona Tourism Board’s unique advertising at Wrigely Field during spring training worked out.
When the Cubs were in AZ, the fans still showed up to get their picture under the famous Wrigley marquee. Only this year, the fans could smoosh their heads into a wooden board cut-out that made it appear as though they were wakeboarding in AZ.
Interesting concept: Engage your audience (Cubs fans) at a place you know they hang (Wrigley Field) by getting them to do an action (take a picture w/ the AZ cut-out) that they are already doing. Fans could then text the photo to win an AZ trip.

Wish I lived in New Zealand

Just a few things that I couldn’t just forget about. Not all recent, but all amazing. Here’s what Australia and New Zealand have been up to.

Best job in the world. (Finalists announced tomorrow)

Here’s the link.

Extreme Shepherding! Enough Said!

Free flight on Air New Zealand for tattooing their logo on your head.
Here’s the Link.