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The Positive Side of Lighting Someone on Fire

What do you think of when you see someone lighting himself on fire? If you said donating to charities, you are somehow correct.

Rocky Taylor is a professional stuntman who is now doing work for the group Remember a Charity. This group’s goal is to get people to leave money to charities in their will. Rocky will be lighting himself on fire as a reminder that life can end at any time, and it’s important to keep an updated will that donates to your favorite charities. Users can even vote on Facebook for what way Rocky goes up in flames.

Source: Rememberacharity


It takes a village to make a coca cola ad

I’ve never heard of Coca-Cola Village, but it looks like spring break for high schoolers. Why weren’t brands this fun when I was in high school? And if it doesn’t seem enough like a bar for you kids, then here’s some wristbands. (Now your Mom can stalk you on facebook everywhere you go!)

This kid wants to be your company’s facebook mascot

facebook_logoThis Halloween Greg Miller wants to be your company’s facebook mascot by dressing up as your company’s logo, mascot, or clever symbol. All he wants in return is some merchandise of yours to hand out everywhere he goes. He has promised to document the night with constant photos, and will be posting them for his whole network of friends to see and comment on. Sounds like a good deal. Click here to see the facebook page he created.

Funny idea. I guess last year he did this for Little Caesar’s Pizza. Definitely an innovative use of social media.

Facebook is now a fan of itself.

Facebook has now created a page showing marketers how to use facebook as a viable marketing tool. Even though I think it’s incredibly lame, at least the clueless can have some direction on facebook now and stop spamming up the place. If only we had how-to guides like this when other media got started, then maybe we’d have less J G Wenworths out there.

Facebook Marketing. Click Here.