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Using a Flashmob for a Marriage Proposal

Good luck topping that for your anniversary, buddy. This guy had everyone at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago freeze to stop time while he proposed to his future fiancee. That’s right. She said yes! But how could she not. Congratulations to Nick and Amy. We at Advertising Anonymous wish you a life time of happiness and continued great ideas.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=327688809137


Down with Pants!….literally

Chicago fans of Improveverywhere rocked the CTA on Sunday by riding the EL with no pants. This was the 9th annual worldwide no pants subway ride, and the third major one in Chicago. We attended, but left the filming and photography to the poor suckers covering their legs. Check out all the photos and videos on the facebook page.

Unfortunately none of the cops joined in, but we definitely made a scene especially the guy, who ripped off his tear away pants and yelled out his stop’s name when he got off. Definitely doing this again next year!

Follow the White Rabbit on twitter

To promote the new Alice in Wonderland movie, the white rabbit is everywhere but hiding in a hole. They used everything from street projection to marching 50 white rabbits down the street in New York.

And through intricate micro-sites and innovative banner take overs more people are following the white rabbit all the way to twitter.

Follow the white for yourself, and see where he’ll be next.

source: cherryflava.com

Battle at the Beach. Only a few casualties.

Water Wars ’09 !!! The battle was great, but the war isn’t over.

Thanks to everyone who came. Despite the event staff people sabotaging us by fencing off our meeting spot and cramming all the spectators into one half of the beach, it turned out pretty good. Everyone there made it very fun, and most of the people were generous enough to give their guns away to little kids who battled on for the rest of the day. We plan to repeat this next year, and we will have a better meeting place and staked out areas.

Here’s a few highlights, but for the full photo album visit our facebook page.

Okay this last one’s just to prove there were planes there too, but turns out fighter jets are really fast and my camera’s not. If you look in the middle and squint, you can see it.

Squirt Gun Fight Flash Mob

Water Wars Saturday 10:30am at North Avenue Beach.
water wars
We will meet at 10:30am in the grassy area just South West of Castaways (The boat restaurant) It is also across from volleyball courts. I will be holding up a sign that will say, “The Real Water Show.” I will be wearing a green shirt that says suburbs. If you still aren’t sure that you have the right group, the code will be asking, “Are you here for the real water show?”


Frozen flashmob in Chicago

Strike a pose and get ready to be gawked at. The Chicago branch of Improv Everywhere is making a scene with their own flashmobs. To be in on the fun next time join their facebook group.

Our first flashmob

Water Wars
water wars

We will be hosting our first very own Chicago-only flashmob in the form of a random squirt gun fight at the Chicago Air and Water Show on August 15th.

We plan to storm the beach as the planes fly overhead.  If you want a fun way to cool off and battle your friends, join the facebook event.