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The Positive Side of Lighting Someone on Fire

What do you think of when you see someone lighting himself on fire? If you said donating to charities, you are somehow correct.

Rocky Taylor is a professional stuntman who is now doing work for the group Remember a Charity. This group’s goal is to get people to leave money to charities in their will. Rocky will be lighting himself on fire as a reminder that life can end at any time, and it’s important to keep an updated will that donates to your favorite charities. Users can even vote on Facebook for what way Rocky goes up in flames.

Source: Rememberacharity


Advertiser pays women to break husbands TV

This is a really good example of a completely new media focused ad campaign with a number of integrated elements. I just wonder what the women thought the following week when their husbands started watching more TV than ever.

Free Money

12,000 Euro for 1.5 Million Media Contacts! Not bad Absolut. Not bad. I guess there goes the “we can’t afford to just give money away” argument for marketers.

Source: trendhunter.com/link/absolut-cash-machine

Priceless Art Just Left on Street Corners

The followers of @skoffandsam on twitter get an exclusive chance to hunt for free paintings left around Chicago. The followers get a clue of where the painting was left via tweets, and then it’s a free for all until the first hunter finds the painting. They’ve been doing this for several months now, and really created some buzz over their work.

I guess if pop-stores don’t need a permanent location, then why should art need an art gallery?

Source: @skoffandsam

Car dealer literally changes the whether for more sales

A German Car Rental Company turned one of the rainiest cities in Europe into a sunny paradise so customers would rent more convertibles. They commissioned a pilot to seed the clouds near their city forcing the sky to clear up and let the sun shine through.

High tech marketing without a computer? More of this, please.

Source: http://www.creamglobal.com/17798/19702/blue-sky-thinking

Follow the White Rabbit on twitter

To promote the new Alice in Wonderland movie, the white rabbit is everywhere but hiding in a hole. They used everything from street projection to marching 50 white rabbits down the street in New York.

And through intricate micro-sites and innovative banner take overs more people are following the white rabbit all the way to twitter.

Follow the white for yourself, and see where he’ll be next.

source: cherryflava.com

Maybe Barrack Obama has fun we can believe in

We have reported on these separately, but here they are together. Volkswagen has created thefuntheory: This site is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.