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What have you invented today?

We were too late to get tickets to TEDx Windy City, but we already found a great innovative Chicago company that will be highlighted in the conference. Inventables supplies companies with an unending resource of interesting products to help promote creativity and create the next big consumer sensation. My favorite was the durable velvet coating. I could make my entire apartment a giant velvet rope. I’m sure that would never get old….yeah. Well, maybe you could come up with something more inventive. Give it a try and let me know what you come up with.


Great Advertising Grows on Trees

Innovative Agency CURB from London, England has developed a way to cut out messages into leaves they call Leaf-lets. This proves that great untapped marketing resources really do surround us everyday. We’ve been a big fan of CURB’s green tactics for awhile, and can’t wait to bring more of that over to our side of the Atlantic. But as simple as their ideas look, it does take some pretty precise engineering to accomplish their concepts. As Kermit the frog would say, “it’s not easy being green,” but it is worth it.

In India they literally eat these kind of ideas up.

Amazing look at Innovative International Marketing

To be honest the navigation on this site isn’t great, but the ideas are amazing. Too many great concepts for one post so just go see for yourself. tomorrowawards.com/shortlist_spring.php

Google’s version of a resume

Now you can find me on those internets. With search getting more and more versatile Google is still leading the way in innovative advertising. This GoogleMe button will let you control Google’s search for you while also consolidating your web presence in a new way. But that’s not the only Google integration into staffing and networking we’ve seen lately.

So you can search us if you want or just visit our site www.adanonymous.com to see more innovative ads.

Movies made without actors or cameras

No it’s not puppet shows. xtranormal.com has created an application for making movies with nothing, but a script. Here’s an example.

It does kinda just look like a bad adventure on Second Life, but if this catches on starving actors are gunna be PISSED. None the less we have to give it to them for their innovation. If they make a Mario Kart version, I’m coming out with my own movie.