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Laser Sound & Loudspeaker Clothing

Scientists in the UK have taken a break from pimping Bond’s ride to come up with loudspeakers made out of what looks like tin foil. I’m not sure if Q was working on a new ipod design while watching the food network or what, but this light weight, thin, and flexible speaker concept has unlimited applications. I just hope the Star Trek nerds don’t geek this up before we get chance to use it.

And thank God for Woody Norris representing from the American side of the pond with his Laser Sound design. Don’t worry, Woody. We’ve already got plenty of ideas for your targeted broadcasts to go public soon.

And by the way, you have no idea how hard it was to avoid using any sound puns in this article. phewww. Done.


Clothes have gotten way too flashy

The only thing Phillips doesn’t explain is if you can wash these clothes. Maybe this is just a clever ploy for Phillips to break into the dry cleaning business. It’s about time Phillips.

Baseball Cards in the Spokes 2.0

Monkey Lectric has created an innovative LED display for bike wheels that can show stable images or videos. So many applications. Definitely a hot new medium. But can New Media Marketing keep up?

Your light switch turns on my website

Orange created a site that only works with the lights off.

Finally a site that demands respect for the films by making you create the full movie experience. In a quick clip society, this is a great way to add to the user experience in an intriguing way.