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Share Your Pizza Reviews with the World

How would you feel if you had an audience sit in on your performance review? What if the entire city of New York could see it? In the interest of being completely transparent, Domino’s has set up an electronic ticker in Times Square that shows recent customer reviews of their food. The reviews are shown whether they praise Domino’s wonderful work or question how they can sleep at night after serving this so-called food. So far, the responses have been pretty positive, with the average review being four out of five stars. Check out their site to see a live feed of the ticker.

Source: Adverblog


An Authentic NYC Tour

If you’ve never walked the streets of New York City, you probably have no idea what you’re missing out on. Thankfully, you can now live out this experience virtually. MyBlockNYC is a site that allows you to watch user submitted videos from streets all over the city. The site displays a large map of the city, and all you have to do is click on a street for which someone has made a video. That shouldn’t be too hard since close to 1,000 videos have already been submitted. There is also a useful search feature that lets you choose the age and gender of the user, as well as the category and location of the video. Whether you’re into Kid Rock concerts, grown men riding little girls’ bikes, or traffic cops getting yelled at, you’ll probably find something to enjoy here.

Source: The Huffington Post