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New York City now offers even less parking. Hooray!

Just like here in Chicago, NY is looking for new and innovative ways to make money. So their latest idea is to offer restaurants outdoor curbside seating in the parking lane. (focused on restaurants that could not offer sidewalk seating before) It has been a big success for them, and will be run as a series of pop-ups over the next 2 years to promote local business.

I guess the good news for New Yorkers is that you can ask for the check and flag down a cab at the same time. I hope cabs and waiters are cool with splitting the tips.



Pop-Up Retail gets a permanent meeting place

OpenPop-UpShops.com has created a way for retail spaces to post availability for Pop-Up Store promotions. The Pop-Up phenomenon has gotten biggest in New York, but with an organized marketplace like this, any major city should welcome it. What a great way to maximize Real Estate in an economy that needs these kind of ideas. The potential for spontaneous creative promotions doesn’t suck either.

Vitamin Water Pop-up Store

Earlier this week, I was in New York. I expected to be dazzled by the creative minds of Mad Ave., but the coolest thing I saw was a vacant store front. It was the remains of the recent Vitamin Water Store that popped up in SoHo to create a real brand experience for all. To promote the new 10 calorie brand extension, the store was created and “workers” dispensed the new flavors, while “shoppers” could surf the Web, play Wii and be entertained by various people demonstrating activities that burn 10 calories.
Although I did not see it, I foundĀ a director on youtube, TheChinkstaShow, who caught it on his mobile.
Check out his experience at the store.

Pop Up Stores have a permanent vendor

New York now has a company that will create Pop Up stores for you quickly and easily. Pop Up stores have been a great way to showcase new products all around the world, and finally a company has got it all figured out. Come to Chicago, please.

Here’s the link.