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Bloomfire stole our learning platform concept

We’ve been re-purposing other sites to do exactly this for awhile now, and we’re actually delighted to see someone step up and expand social media like this. Now social media at work won’t just mean cyber-stalking your ex-boyfriend through every pictures he posted on facebook. This is a great example of how to make social media useful to your business and accomplish a goal while you’re at it.

Source: bloomfire.com


Fire your media buying agency

At the beginning of the year, Pepsi launched their refresh project, where they gave money away to anyone with a good idea and loads of social media friends. Now it seems like everyone is getting in on the act.

Free money combined with competition is always brilliant, but I wish there was a website that just tracked and reported start dates of campaigns like this. Hey Google, want to dominate another sector of the ad business?

Now (Social Media Map)

convoprismembed…as in “Buy Now!” Refering to the recently released, updated version of Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism. This is the ultimate guide to navigating the waters of social media. Solis nicley breaks down each platform that is availble into easy-to-understand categories.

Get your posters here.

Emerging Media has taken flight

Listen to the head of emerging media at Southwest airlines, Paula Berg (a very cool lady, BTW), talk about how she grew the SWA brand into a social media powerhouse.

Listen to the podcast here.

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