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Priceless Art Just Left on Street Corners

The followers of @skoffandsam on twitter get an exclusive chance to hunt for free paintings left around Chicago. The followers get a clue of where the painting was left via tweets, and then it’s a free for all until the first hunter finds the painting. They’ve been doing this for several months now, and really created some buzz over their work.

I guess if pop-stores don’t need a permanent location, then why should art need an art gallery?

Source: @skoffandsam


Park(ing) Day 2009


On September 18th cities around the world took part in Park(ing) Day. A collaborative Art Installation taking over city parking spaces with greenery and little bits of paradise in these steel jungles. Unfortunately we missed this celebration of innovation, but you can bet we won’t be missing out next year.

Source: parkingday.org, parkingday.ning.com

Graffitti Museum

Our favorite street artist, Banksy, now has his own museum exhibit. Some new stuff, some old stuff, but all amezing edgy art just like we like it.

Reinventing Public Space

A few Germans have just arrived in New York to reinvent abandoned and unattractive areas with their new art installation called space busters.


This idea has so many possabilities.  Pop up stores, flashmobs, and maybe even raves. This is definitely innovative art we can use.