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Australian Honesty

National Australia Bank, or NAB, believes that Australians are very honest people, and as such, they deserve an honest credit card. To support this notion, they held a series of experiments designed to test citizens’ integrity. These experiments involved lost wallets, dropped money, and too much change from a coffee cart. The results, which are posted on YouTube, were very surprising, as almost every person did the right thing without knowing they were on camera. NAB tried to make doing the right thing even harder by having the fake victims seem arrogant and rude, but the majority of people still displayed great character. Well done Australia.

Watch the other videos here and here.

Source: AdNews


New Old Spice Guy vs. Old Old Spice Guy

Last year, Isiah Mustafa and Old Spice impressed the advertising world not only with their TV commercials, but also with their online presence. In just a few days, Isiah made over 180 YouTube videos that were direct responses to people on Twitter.

This year, Isiah is responding to tweets again, but he’s not the only one. Old Spice’s new spokesperson, Fabio, is also responding to the public. Head over to their channel to see whose videos you like more. It’s up to us to pick the winner and decide who is the true Old Spice Guy.